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Sound of the Soul is a compelling portrait of an Arab country where Muslims, Christians, and Jews have lived together in relative peace for centuries. Beautifully photographed during the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, the film presents unforgettable performances from groups from Morocco, Ireland, Russia, Afghanistan, Mauritania, the USA, Portugal and France, which carry viewers into what the film's Moroccan sufi guide calls ‘the hearing of the heart' - the essential Oneness at the core of all religions
and faiths.

"The music you will see in this film is extraordinary, and its message of healing is extraordinary”.

- Peter Scarlet, Executive Director,
Tribeca Film Festival

"The extensive concert footage … is so infectious that viewers will find it difficult to stay seated.”

- Yoga Journal

"A handsome documentary…intensely rhythmic and ecstatic. Wide-format lensing and sound recording are first-rate.”

- Variety

"There's a moment in ‘Sound of the Soul' when you stop looking at the subtitles…it's no longer about the words or
deities or beliefs, but rather the transcendent power of music”

- The Boston Globe

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